Who we are

We are a brand created by women x women

begins here.

Fairydust was born from a simple idea to empower women with eco-friendly garments, and without overlooking affordability, quality, and comfort.

We are ethically made and part of the slow fashion movement.

Our wearable mottos are a vehicle for positive change, and a gateway for every voice to have its place.

Our community brings together people that feel a sense of responsibility to continue relevant conversations about women's worth, rights, and respect in order to welcome change and sustains gender equality.

The Values We Are Proud Of

I N  F E M A L E  W E  T R U S T

Women are at the center of everything we do. We fight for gender equality and women’s worth to spur economic growth and shape society for the better. We believe women are magic. We are resilient, we are strong and we are ready for change. We're a community uniting and supporting one another, we are a sisterhood.

S P A R K   P O S I T I V I T Y

While there are still many difficult yet necessary conversations to have, we exist to ignite them under the basis of respect. We love what we do, and who we do it for, so hate speech is out the door. Join us to be a cause for change.

N O T  A T  A L L   C O S T

Ethically made and eco-friendly. What we do is not at the expense of the planet, its resources nor its people. We strive to be 100% sustainable guaranteeing the use of eco-friendly materials manufactured under fair, safe and clean conditions.

G R O W I N G   A  B E T T E R   F U T U R E

Our materials use less resources and are made to last. With the desire to continue giving back and helping others do the same, we created the Tree for tees program. Dedicated to plant a tree for every purchase made. Our way to help with global reforestation!


You are part of the empowerment revolution.

We are glad to have you here. If you’re visiting us you’re probably looking for ways to engage in the fight for equality, change stereotypes or support women’s rights. We aspire to create a positive difference for everyone and to everything we touch. We, together, are meant to create an impact in this lifetime, regardless our insecurities, personal judgment or the feeling of not being enough. Know, you are a badass!! So let us tell you, you belong with us ♥.

Join the movement.

We encourage our allies to voice their mottos through
mindful and inspirational action.