soft. beautiful. sustainable.

Sustainability and affordability should not be a
second thought when it comes to fashion. 


Fairydust is a mindful brand that is putting people and the planet first. What we do is not at the expense of the planet, its resources, nor its people. We follow ethical workplace laws under the belief that dignity and respect in the workplace should be for everyone. 


 We use eco-friendly materials manufactured under fair, safe, and clean conditions.
Making it easy for everyone to buy conscious styles at a pocket-friendly price. Our garments range
from 6% to 100% organic cotton (GOT Certified),TENCEL modal, and recycled polyester. 

Modal is a fabric made from beech tree pulp, which is a renewable source that is harvested from sustainable forests.. It is a better choice for the touch and the environment as it uses ten to twenty times less water during production. 

Organic cotton is slowly grown without the use of toxic pesticides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers, and are not genetically modified. This process reduces the amount of water needed during production.

Is a synthetic fabric that helps keep textile waste away from landfills by using existing plastic instead of new. Approximately 3 to 6 PET bottles can be recycled per garment, preventing them from ending up in our oceans. 

In hopes of reducing our plastic footprint, our garments ship in zero plastic mailers, and to make it even better, they are 100% compostable.

We believe women’s voices must be heard, and garments can be amplifiers. Join us in raising our voices for women empowerment one eco-friendly piece at a time.

Let’s not stop there. Fairydust has made alliances with an environmental organization to contribute to global reforestation. Our Tree for tees program will plant a tree for every purchase made. An excellent way for you to get involved and give some active love to our planet!