Women’s voices must be heard, and garments can be amplifiers.

Fairydust was based on the simple idea to empower women with garments that are ethically made and eco-friendly. Our designs help to continue relevant conversations about women's worth, rights, and respect.

Our community was made for women to support one another, to be kind to each other and thrive by raising others — a place to build your confidence, to grow in a meaningful way, find your next best friend, get inspired, and to fight for our rights.

Comfortable fashion for women empowerment

Ethically made feminist apparel

Stronger together

This collection was designed to create positive conversations around women’s rights! Help women like you- have a voice in the fight when it comes to the pay gap, reproductive rights, equality and more. Feminism overall. 

Wear our meaningful basics at any time and every day to get those conversations going!

Spark Positivity

Join us in raising our voices for women empowerment one eco-friendly piece at a time. 

Our movement does not believe women are better than men. A primary purpose is to empower women, not because they are weak nor aiming to make women stronger; because we know that they already are strong, and we want society to see that too. We believe that each person should stand on their own merit – not by how much they conform to social norms and ideals.

Tees for Trees

What we do is not at the expense of the planet, its resources, nor its people. We follow ethical workplace laws under the belief that dignity and respect in the workplace should be for everyone. 

We made it our mission to ensure that trees and land are taken care of for generations to come. Our Tees for Trees program will plant a tree for every purchase made.

Fairydust was created by women, for women

Be part of a women's movement that chooses slow fashion as a lifestyle and is kind to the environment while creating a positive impact.

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